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Industry Supported Education Sessions

To appear at the WCIRDC 2024 as a non-CME  Product Theater, download the prospectus for additional information. 

Please email Nava Mekel at

For more details, download the prospectus below. 

*Only companies exhibiting at the WCIRDC will be considered for an Industry Sponsored Sessions

Please view exhibitor levels HERE 


WCIRDC will dedicate an area, separate from the educational program, where your company

will be able to exhibit products, equipment, and services

For additional information, guidelines and application,

contact Nava Mekel at

For the prospectus, please click the PDF here

Non-CME Industry Supported Education Session Information

The WCIRDC offers an exciting opportunity to reach your customers and invites you to present the latest research findings on products, give product details and demonstrations, and highlight new products to a key audience.

The industry-supported session will be held in a separate room during the 21st WCIRDC meeting. WCIRDC will allow extra time to move to the separate room.

These sessions are promotional and are not eligible for continuing medical education (CME) credits. 

Only ONE Industry Sponsored Session will take place during each time slot, ensuring exclusivity for each company. Sessions will be scheduled during the educational program in the early morning before educational sessions (breakfast), during lunch breaks, or at the end of the day (reception/dinner), and are limited to a maximum of 45 minutes in length.

Catering: Industry session program fees do not include catering.  Meal orders (boxed meals only) will be arranged directly with the hotel catering. The final catering order will be placed 10 days before the program by the Supporting and/or Third-Party Management Company.


The WCIRDC does not provide evaluation forms for Industry Sponsored Sessions. Sponsors who wish to offer attendees an evaluation for their session may do so on their own accord.

WCIRDC will provide:

Meeting rooms.

Complementary one-time use of the WCIRDC pre-registrant mailing list.

A final list will be provided one to two weeks before the meeting.

The Industry Session will be promoted through the WCIRDC website, and will be offered to all meeting attendees; preregistration is not required.  

Basic A/V Equipment — speaker’s lavaliere, floor microphones, LCD projector, screen, technician onsite.

*Additional A/V equipment may be ordered at the sponsoring company’s expense. 

Complimentary one-time Industry Session promotion through a WCIRDC email marketing blast, including date/time/title of the presentation and supporter’s company name and logo (final design to be provided by company).  

One tote bag insert (insert must be provided and produced by sponsoring company, and subject to WCIRDC approval).

One sign placed outside of the Industry Session meeting room, plus an additional sign in the meeting area (actual poster and design must be provided).

Company logo listed on the WCIRDC website and in the final printed brochure.

2 lead retrievals or equivalent.

A team of WCIRDC staff onsite

Supporting and/or Third-Party Management Company Responsibilities:

Program logistics:

Speaker Honorarium, Travel Costs, and Xxpenses. 

Content development.

Additional Audiovisual Costs (if necessary) 

Meal cost and order directly from hotel catering for attendees.    

On-site manager. 

Participant materials.

Meal orders will be arranged directly with the hotel catering.

For more information, please contact us at

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