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We offer many sponsorship opportunities that are designed to expand your company’s presence and to expose your products and services to nearly 700 health care professionals who attend this annual meeting.

The WCIRDC is an excellent opportunity to meet with globally recognized medical leaders, clinicians, and scientists, who present and share their knowledge. The WCIRDC is designed to evaluate both clinical and basic science aspects of insulin resistance, lipids, obesity, diabetes, and CVD. It elevates many metabolic systems and their relationships such as energy metabolism, fat cell, beta-cell, gut, and the brain.

Clinical topics may include aspects of insulin resistance, inflammation, and its relationship to obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, as well as other abnormalities like endothelial and vascular dysfunction, PCOS, gonadal dysfunction, fatty liver disease, sleep disorders, and related cancers. The Congress also focuses on multi-hormonal obesity, fat cell incretin and gut hormone contributions to energy balance, and its relationship to the circadian rhythm as it relates to these metabolic mechanisms.  

The WCIRDC achieves a great balance between clinical practice and research, by utilizing a state of the art approach: “Exploring New Frontiers in Metabolism – Tomorrow’s Clinical Science Today”


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